The Process

The Process

TSLHG is here to educate all federal student loan borrowers on what federal options are available to them through the US Department of Education. Below you will find some details to help guide you in the right direction, however our student loan consultants are highly knowledgeable and educated regarding the best plan of action for each individual’s situation. Find out what is in your best interest by connecting with our office today for your complimentary assessment.


To consolidate or not to consolidate?

This is a question that many people may face when reviewing the different loan options available to them. A borrower may need to consolidate their federal student loans for specific repayment options to be available or if they would like to apply for certain federal programs. Most borrowers can gain amazing benefits by consolidating their loans, however this may not be the best thing for everyone based on your individual needs. 



Are you struggling to make your monthly payments or do you want to know you are making the best choice for your repayment plan?

If you have a student loan, you have been in touch with your loan servicer. Loan servicers are companies that have been contracted to collect payments and conduct other administrative tasks regarding your student loans. One of those tasks should be to assist borrowers with affordable monthly payments, however that is not always the case. They don’t always explain what is in the borrower’s best interest. To find out which repayment plan would be the best fit for you, 



Contact a Counselor


  • James S Evans Jr.

    Duval County Schools.

    Don't get angry,

    Don't get frustrated,

    The Student Loan Help Group are real problem solvers.

  • Lakeisha Spencer

    Miami Dade County Schools

    Student Loans are so treacherous and confusing to deal with Shantique and the SLHG staff has gone above and beyond what I expected. I highly recommend them to anybody that has a loan.

  • Lyndita I Saunders

    Collier County Schools

    Due to the diligence and support I have received from The Student Loan Help Group now I can manage my payments which was ludicrous before. Now it's manageable and laid out clearly for me all because of you :) Thank you guys.

  • Luke Olson

    Hillsborough County Schools

    The Student Loan Help Group has made the process easy and they are extremely easy to work with. I couldn't do any of this on my own I wouldn't know where to start. They have great customer service and every time I call with questions there's always someone there to answer it.

  • Peter Corletto

    Dade County Schools

    I want to express that I am very satisfied with the assistance I received from The Student Loan Help Group. They helped me to get my federal student loan forgiven. They helped me in every step of the way in a courteous and professional manner. I heard about them from an e-mail that I received in my teacher account's inbox. At first, I did not know if I should trust them because I had heard many scams in the media from companies promising to help you but that in reality, do not help at all. I called them and had a brief conference with them over the phone, and from the first moment I felt that I was dealing with a reputable, trustworthy company. The process took some time, because I did not have the contact information for the school district where I worked many years ago. But they even helped me find the exact place where I had to mail my application to be signed. The Student Loan Help Group was very patient when the student loan company returned my application asking for further information about the school district number and the school chief officer who had signed my application. I am a very busy individual and simply would not have had the time and persistence to be contacting student loan company. But The Student Loan Help Group Processing Department did a wonderful job getting this all straightened out for me. I highly recommend this company to any teacher like me, who simply does not have the time to endure the process of getting a teacher loan forgiven and needs an effective teacher loan forgiveness program. It really worked for me.

  • Catherine W.

    Sarasota County Schools

    Thank for you incredible help with getting my student loan re-certification done correctly!
    I am so glad that I decided to have the Student Loan Help Group assist me in in the process of getting into a student loan forgiveness program and an income driven repayment plan that I can financially handle.
    I know I could have done it alone and done it directly with Fedloan servicing, but they do not have the customer service that The Student Loan Help Group definitely has to make sure that we get on the best possible plan for our individual situations!! It has been an enormous help to me financially!! Bless you and everyone there that helps teachers like me to get over these confusing and frustrating student loan hurdles!!

  • Mr. Jelani Davis

    Attorney at Glantz law firm

    "I am an extremely busy person and these guys handled everything perfectly and with great poise. I ended up getting a very favorable outcome which I never expected. I highly recommend them! Feel free to have anyone call me if they have any questions "

  • Deborah S Carroll

    Wake county Schools

    The Student Loan Help Group has taken a burden off my shoulders and their customer service was above and beyond my expectations.

  • Sarah Mcintosh

    Broward County Public Schools

    TSLHG has really take a huge weight off my shoulders. I would recommend anyone to them and I am proud to be a reference.

  • Zuleica Peña

    School Counselor

    Thank you for all that you do for our community and our children.

  • Adolphe Rodny Felix

    Broward County Schools

    The Student Loan Help Group's customer service has been great​.​ They always respond back and if I have a question or problem their staff is always their to answer and straighten it out. Nicole especially has been wonderful​ and helped me through this confusing process. ​Two thumbs up!​

  • Corinne A Sjoberg

    Hinckley-Finlayson Schools

    The Student Loan Help Group is above and beyond amazing!! In the past, I had been so stressed out wondering how we were going to possibly make my student loan payments. A co-worker referred me to TSLHG and today I no longer experience the extreme worries - my student loan payments have been lowered by more than $1,000 each month! TSLHG has been flexible in working me and my financial situation. Just a few days ago, my family unexpectedly experienced some extreme financial hardships that deeply affected our family. With Christmas right around the corner, TSLHG has once again helped me and my family out and our financial hardship has been significantly lessened with much gratitude and thankfulness to TSLHG and their flexibility. With their help, my family will be able to enjoy this Holiday Season with so much less stress!! THANK YOU TSLHG. Happy Holidays!!

  • Maxine Brivitte

    Community Based Connections Inc

    Dealing with TSLHG I must say their service is exceptional they keep me informed very step of the way, I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family.

  • Daniel A Sapp

    Orange County Public Schools

    TSLHG has been superb in helping me to plan my financial future.

  • Virginia L McDade

    Orange County Public Schools

    The Student Loan Help Group is a godsend! They helped me realize that I will not be in debt forever and they were extremely professional & thorough. Their staff has perfect follow through with everything they said they were going to do. I highly recommend to anyone!

  • Carol A

    Plummer Worley Schools.

    You are absolutely a gem. Your company is very lucky to have you on their team, and I have rarely encountered such excellent customer service. Not only was it easy to talk to you, you knew exactly what you were doing and took a load of weight off of my shoulders. You also went the extra mile in getting the list of Title I schools to me and I appreciate it so very much. If this email can be forwarded to a supervisor and they have any perks for above and beyond customer service, you deserve it!

  • Mateland W Thomas

    ​Dania Elementary School​

    The Student Loan Help Group is the best group I have ever come across! I have tried several other times with a few other companies and got denied for one reason or another. I would recommend them to anyone that has a student loan. They are courteous, professional & they know what they are doing.

  • Pam Moreland

    Palm beach county schools

    The Student Loan Help Group has been so awesome especially Alicia. They have worked with me through the entire process and have answered all my questions and been quite supportive. It was left up to me I would be lost I forget everything. Their support is amazing, they never forget to update my file and contact me and keep me updated. That is the ultimate reason why I referred so many people that I know could use their help.

    I could go on and on but I will just say that I would highly recommend this company to anybody that has a student loan and doesn't know all of their options. They are great!

  • Steven Miller

    Palm Beach Schools

    TSLHG helped us tremendously! We are so happy we found you guys and are using this helpful service.

  • Javier R.

    Miami Dade Schools

    Thank you very much for all your help to solve my student loan. I highly recommend this company to my classmates who need to consolidate their student loan. I am so happy to start making the payment in the amount that I can afford.