The Student Loan Help Group firmly believes in strict compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The Student Loan Help Group has a zero tolerance policy in regards to violations of the FCC’s TCPA regulations.

The Student Loan Help Group does not include unsolicited advertisements or unsolicited calls. We do make solicited calls prior to obtaining written consent via a website form. Refer to the “Small Entity Compliance Guide” for information.

In adopting the written consent requirement, however, the FCC will recognize prior express written consent secured under the methods described in the E-SIGN Act. Permission obtained via an email, website form, text message, telephone key press, or voice recording, as provided in the E-SIGN Act, will suffice as prior express written consent.

The Student Loan Help Group does not include any cell phone text messaging platform, robo calls, auto dialers, voice blasting or any other device that can be considered automated telephone equipment without written consent.

The Student Loan Help Group has a clearly written privacy policy, available to anyone upon request. We limit our calls to the period between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m., local time. The Student Loan Help Group assists consumers with federal student loan consolidation preparation and filing services. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by the U. S. Department of Education. Like filing a tax return, you can file a consolidation without professional assistance and without charge at

The Student Loan Help Group has no tolerance with misrepresentations. In our efforts to avoid confusion we have placed disclaimers at the bottom of every page of our website. The Student Loan Help Group shows a Caller ID on every outbound call (5612078008, 5612078009, 5612078007, & 8445995589).

The Student Loan Help Group is a private company. As such, The Student Loan Help Group requires a FEE. That fee is disclosed to the client, in writing, before any billing is performed. The Student Loan Help Group has a very specific fee schedule. The Student Loan Help Group keeps the client’s records for a minimum of two years.For general information about regulations and compliance you can visit the following links:


  • Peter Corletto

    I want to express that I am very satisfied with the assistance I received from The Student Loan Help Group. They helped me to get my federal student loan forgiven. They helped me in every step of the way in a courteous and professional manner. I heard about them from an e-mail that I received in my teacher account's inbox. At first, I did not know if I should trust them because I had heard many scams in the media from companies promising to help you but that in reality, do not help at all. I called them and had a brief conference with them over the phone, and from the first moment I felt that I was dealing with a reputable, trustworthy company. The process took some time, because I did not have the contact information for the school district where I worked many years ago. But they even helped me find the exact place where I had to mail my application to be signed. The Student Loan Help Group was very patient when the student loan company returned my application asking for further information about the school district number and the school chief officer who had signed my application. I am a very busy individual and simply would not have had the time and persistence to be contacting student loan company. But The Student Loan Help Group Processing Department did a wonderful job getting this all straightened out for me. I highly recommend this company to any teacher like me, who simply does not have the time to endure the process of getting a teacher loan forgiven and needs an effective teacher loan forgiveness program. It really worked for me.

  • Javier R.

    Thank you very much for all your help to solve my student loan. I highly recommend this company to my classmates who need to consolidate their student loan. I am so happy to start making the payment in the amount that I can afford.

  • James S Evans Jr. – Duval County Schools.

    Don't get angry,

    Don't get frustrated,

    The Student Loan Help Group are real problem solvers.

  • Catherine W.

    Thank for you incredible help with getting my student loan re-certification done correctly!
    I am so glad that I decided to have the Student Loan Help Group assist me in in the process of getting into a student loan forgiveness program and an income driven repayment plan that I can financially handle.
    I know I could have done it alone and done it directly with Fedloan servicing, but they do not have the customer service that The Student Loan Help Group definitely has to make sure that we get on the best possible plan for our individual situations!! It has been an enormous help to me financially!! Bless you and everyone there that helps teachers like me to get over these confusing and frustrating student loan hurdles!!

  • Carol A.

    You are absolutely a gem. Your company is very lucky to have you on their team, and I have rarely encountered such excellent customer service. Not only was it easy to talk to you, you knew exactly what you were doing and took a load of weight off of my shoulders. You also went the extra mile in getting the list of Title I schools to me and I appreciate it so very much. If this email can be forwarded to a supervisor and they have any perks for above and beyond customer service, you deserve it!